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Physical rehabilitation made easy.

Help patients and therapists to improve and accelerate the physical rehabilitation process.
Our advanced rehabilitation system harnesses AI and wearable technologies for a fastest and easy recovery, both at the centre and at home.

Rehabilitation monitoring

Using our wearable kit enables monitoring anywhere and anytime in a non-invasive way.

Ease of use

Therapists can easily set up the therapeutic plan and our system will learn it automatically.

Adapted to the patient

Our machine learning algorithms automatically adapt the system for each patient, minimizing the errors in the monitoring process.


Non-invasive assistive system with automatic corrections

WeAR has created a wearable kit able to measure rehabilitation exercises movements with high precision. The WeAR’s wearables are easy to use and provide automatic corrections through the whole execution of the exercise plan.


Quality of service improving productivity

The WeAR monitoring system provides remote control to the physiotherapist of the patient’s rehabilitation plan execution, im- proving the quality of service while gaining in productivity.


Intelligent activity reports

Activity report allows rehabilitation centres and physiotherapist easily following the overall patient evolution and the therapy effectiveness. Better decisions and plans can be designed by ex- ploiting this information.

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IIIA-CSIC, Campus UAB 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona

Tel. (+34) 93 580 9570 (Ext. 220)